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Dr. Seetha's Niramaya Ayurgramam

"Your Key To Inner Peace"

The mind is everything.
What you think you become.
What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create
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"Evolve into the real you"

Solutions offered

Psychological disturbances like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Personality disorders, Depersonalization/realization disorders, OCD, Phobia (Fear),  Infidelity, schizophrenia, Behavioral disorders in children

Family conflicts

Substance Abuse, (Alcohol, smoking & Other drug addictions)

Arthritis, Disc prolapse

Headache (Migraine, sinusitis etc)

Thyroid disorders,

Urologic disease

Menstrual disorders

Skin diseases like psoriasis, Fungal infection etc

Skin diseases like psoriasis


Autoimmune diseases

 Cancer, Parkinson’s disease

Baseline Consultation

Online and in-person one-to-one consultations. Analyze the health status of the patient , provide precise solutions in the form of Ayurvedic formulations, Panchakarma treatments, Smriti Meditation, Yoga, diet and lifestyle regime.

Smriti Meditation Counselling

Meditation is all about being yourself, it is not an exercise, not a practice. It is to listen to the inner voice, the music from the core.

Keraliya Panchakarma Treatment

Customized Panchakarma therapies that suits individual needs, done under the guidance of an expert Ayurveda physician.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2010 September and based in Kerala, India, “Dr. Seetha’s Niramaya Ayurgramam” is a trusted Ayurvedic centre which provides exceptional treatment around the world. Dr. Seetha Chandran is the founder and Chief physician of this endeavor. We believe in the philosophy of providing cost effective innovative services to our stakeholders/patients without compromise on quality, focusing on improving their physical and mental wellbeing. Our core values are inclusiveness, responsiveness, engagement, collaboration and social responsibility. Treatment is not all about treating a patient merely for a particular illness. It’s a holistic approach that takes into account the individual's mental and physical faculties, tracing the root cause of the disease and preventing relapse. Smriti Meditation being the heart of Niramaya Ayurgramam, is mainly focused on psychosomatic & psychiatric disorders.


Every individual is distinct in terms of personality and personal issues. We envision a customized treatment approach combining ``Ayurveda, Smriti Meditation, and Yoga`` to achieve optimum outcome at a global level. We would serve the healthcare industry as a global partner for enhancing health using best practices in Ayurveda.

Let our clients speak for us

Mr. Shobhraj

Sales & Administration, Green home Indoor plants, Muscat, Oman

I am suffering from IBS and digestive issues for the last 12 years. I consulted lot of doctors and had many medicine, but couldn't find a proper solution. I consulted with an ayurvedic doctor in Muscat, then that doctor suggested me about Dr. Seetha Madam. Within 2-3 Smriti Meditation online sessions, my digestive issues came down. Miracle happened in my life. Now no sufferings, I am happy now. If anybody want to know my experience, WhatsApp +91999 555 7006. I am so much happy to share this. Thank you Dr. Seetha

Mr Gourav Maltare

Design Engineer, Mumbai

First of all I want to thank Dr Seetha for helping me out from my medical conditions, not just once but twice she helped me out. I got the contact of Dr seetha in 2017, where she helped me out in thyroid issue, and this year 2022 I got suffer form serious foot pain, where I won't able to walk properly, because of her just 3 month treatment , I am now totally cured. Her prescription and smriti meditation helped allot. I was suffering form past 6 months, but in her guidance and treatment, I got cured. It was so depressing to have such a chronic pain, which makes you feel like disabled, but she came in my life like a god, and took me out of it. Lots of best wishes to her. Keep going and doing the good work.

Ms. Anupama Venugopal

Senior grade assistant, Calicut University, Kerala, India

I had consulted Dr. Seetha to get a relief from my chronic headache, which was torturing me a couple of years. She suggested me to do Smriti Meditation. Even though I was skeptical about attending meditation in online mode, Dr. Seetha made me comfortable in the very first session itself. I did almost 9 sessions of smriti, but the result was amazing. Iam completedly cured from my headache without any medication.Also I became more energetic and confident in life. I am really thankful to Dr. Seetha and her team for the consistent support and effort.

Mr. Pratik Darbhe

IT Faculty, Ehack Academy, Bangalore, Karnataka

According to my experience, Smriti Meditation is a highly effective method to get out of the emotional trauma inside us due to past experience.Initially I faced difficulty with smriti meditation, but after few sessions, I became comfortable with Dr. Seetha Chandran Madam in the process. She is very expertise in solving such psychological issues with the help of Smriti Meditation. I highly recommend Dr. Seetha Chandran for Smriti Meditation.


Pulmonologist, Causality medical officer, Community health centre, Panoor, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

Smriti meditation was a wonderful experience for me. It will bring you a positive attitude by clearing all your negative emotions and confusions, helping to achieve your dreams. Apart from this I have referred many of my allergic and asthmatic patients to Dr. Seetha @ Niramaya Ayurgramam and they got amazing results without recurrence. Every person should try it once, you will realize it is definitely fruitful.


Chief Physician, Coimbatore Ayurvedic Centre LLC-Seeb, Muscat, Oman.

I have referred many of my patients having insomnia, anxiety, depression, HTN etc to Dr. Seetha and they got much relief through Smriti meditation. I have a strong belief that this can work on more areas of both physical and mental ailments.


CEO & Founder, Punarjani Ayurveda, Chennai, India

In the last few years, I have referred some of my patients to Dr. Seetha for Smriti Meditation. This guided meditation, works out really well for many conditions like OCD, Anxiety, Depression , Thyroid dysfunction, Hypertension, family conflicts etc. I am very much happy and satisfied about the results achieved to my patients through Smriti Meditation.


Director, Manager, Club FM, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

I think it may be helpful and worthy to share an experience, I had with the ' Smrithi Meditation' at Dr. Seetha's Niramaya Ayurgramam. When my daughter was obsessed with mobile gaming and showed a no care attitude to her academic studies, I approached Dr.Seetha for a solution to this problem. She with the 'Smrithi Meditation' techniques helped my daughter to regain her interest in studies and now she became a happy student. I won't think twice to recommend or suggest Dr. Seetha's Niramaya Ayurgramam to anyone for their physical and mental need and well being.


General dental Surgeon,Dr. Saira's Dental Center.

Smriti Meditation was really a different experience .I could mould up my mindset, It really worth. Thank you Dr. Seetha for being dedicated , so compassionate and for being part of my journey in the difficult times. This really changed my attitude towards future. I feel blessed to know you and have as my doctor. Wishing you all the best to move forward. Once more heart full of thanks.


Lead engineer in Target corporation, Bangalore, India

I had consulted Dr Seetha online for treating my back sciatica pain. After taking a couple of courses of medicines, doctor advised to try meditation therapy. I attended a few online sessions and found remarkable improvement in my health problems. Dr. Seetha was very patient and makes you quite comfortable during the meditation sessions. Now I have stopped all medications and have regained my body strength.

Mrs.Nelly Ei Geheny

Emeritus Interpreter in ICRC , Geneva, Switzerland

I had some anxiety and stress issues, which actually were causing me insomnia. I took 5 online meditation sessions with Dr Seetha, and already after the first session, I could feel the change. My stress level went down. I am still feeling the effect 6 months later. I am very happy I could do these sessions, it saved me from taking medications!...


DGM Projects, Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai, India

I had approached Dr. Seetha @ Niramaya Ayurgramam for my persistent neck pain. Considering the nature of my job she suggested me to try Smriti meditation therapy. To be frank I started the direct session with a skeptical mind. However, at the end of the complete course, not only my neck pain has drastically reduced but also there has been a remarkable improvement in my overall health quotient. She has been really patient in hearing out my health issues and very precise in diagnosing root cause. Kudos and Thanks a Lot Doctor!!!

Mr. Akil

I had meet Dr. Seetha @Niramaya Ayurgramam for my allergy associated sneezing problems. Smriti meditation has been very helpful to me. Within a month I started seeing results. Right now sneezing problems are completely gone from me. Many thanks to Dr. Seetha. She is a wonderful Motivator also.