Ayurveda emphasises on the harmony of mind and body through optimized functions of Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Human body by itself is a most complex mechanism that heals on its own. Ayurveda being a very natural form of lifestyle guidelines aids the body to regain the balance. The pace of current lifestyle has brought in multiple imbalances, from work/ life, love, relationships and mind.

Ayurveda approaches human body, balanced through re-establishing harmony through Shamana (pacification therapy) & Shodhana (Purification therapy). Shamana is nothing but simple palliative method to control moderately disturbed imbalances in the body. Shodana is an eliminative process where in, excessive accumulated imbalances are made to flow out of the body through natural orifices.

Panchakarma therapies comes under the eliminative process. Panchakarma therapies are tailor made process that aids in bringing out these imbalanced dosha, which in equilibrium brings balance. They are so unique and custom made considering multiple variables from Ayurveda including the Doshik constitution, the Prakriti, the place of living, strength, immunity and many more.

Panchakarma therapy is systematically designed and executed in three steps which are consecutively carried out for absolute benefit. They include all preparatory procedure that prepares one to undergo the processes. The main procedures are the one which basically deals with the elimination of the excessive accumulated imbalances and the third phase include re-establishing the body into normal equilibrium to carry it forward for a longer duration to maintain the health status.

Therapies like Abhyanga, Pizhichil, Kizhi, Dhara, steaming, consumption of ghee etc come under preparatory procedures. Vamana (therapeutic emesis), Virechana (therapeutic purgation), Kashaya Vasthi (medicated decoction enema), Anuvasana Vasthi (medicated oil enema), Nasya(nasal administration of medicines) Raktha moksha (blood letting therapies like venesection, leeching, cupping) comes under the main Panchakarma procedures.





Netra Chiktsa





Jalouka avacharana(Leech therapy)

Cupping therapy(Hijama)


After any eliminative procedure the body becomes weak by itself and the digestive fire which is targeted become extremely low which should be rekindled. There are a set of tiered and lifestyle procedures which brings back the person’s strength to optimum level and also the digestive fire (Agni) to a very healthy and kindled status. The health in turn as per Ayurvedic science depends upon the normal activity of Agni (metabolic processes in harmony).

Any medical intervention is sought only when someone suffers from an imbalance or disequilibrium, but Panchakarma is different and unique from all other medical intervention in terms of its preventive and specialty approach. As we have move forward we have forgot that, we do belong to the native and we had also a part of the nature like a flower or a leaf. The changes that happens in the nature affects human body and mind, from temperature to season. These gradually accumulates various factors that can cumulate in the body to reach a threshold wherein it can be expressed as a disease, which could be given fancy names, but a proper seasonal adoption of these therapies will help to eliminate the natural accumulation of imbalances from the body like how we service a vehicle before actually it gets into a trouble for that it runs well and gives a long life. The same way the human body can be easily serviced with these techniques without getting into any sort of disorder or imbalance and to keep it in harmony with nature. Today it has become a fancy term alongside detox therapies to undergo a massage or a shirodhara in plain that it is panchakarma detox therapy, but until and unless a scholarly physician examine, understand and targets the imbalance proportions of dosha inside the human body and systematically executes these therapies, it doesn’t become pachakarma not become usual for the body as it has been explained in Ayurveda, rather it become a feel good therapy nothing much more different than a massage which helps in its minimal level when done once in a while. So one should always consult a fully qualified Ayurvedic practitioner if you wish to receive Panchakarma therapy.